In arrivo cambiamenti allo Sciamano Potenziamento
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Un intervento di Aerya sul forum ufficiale avverte che sono in arrivo alcuni cambiamenti allo sciamano potenziamento (Enhancement)

    Aerya ha scritto
    Hi all! We just heard from the developers and wanted to share an update:

    In beta, we felt Windfury Totem was too strong for Enhancement Shaman, which is why it wasn't giving you the extra Windfury Attack. However, we've just applied a hotfix that now causes Windfury Totem to increase the proc chance of the Enhancement Shaman's base Windfury. In a future patch, we'll again restore it as a separate buff for the Enhancement Shaman and tune it accordingly.

    Regarding other bugs:

    A hotfix will soon be deployed to fix Static Cling from being interrupted
    We're also working on a hotfix to fix Heroism/Bloodlust (when spec'd into Shamanism) to not apply Sated
    Additionally, we're going to increase the damage of Chain Lightning through Ride the Lightning. We agree it's a bit under-tuned. The intention is for Ride the Lightning to be a strong anti-melee choice, while Forked Lightning should be a good choice when facing targets that are far away from the Shaman