FEEDBACK: i contenuti dopo la regolazione delle statistiche
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    Da come ho capito tutte le statistiche anche sui pezzi di gear delle altre espansioni viene abbassato quindi solo i pezzi di WoD ci danno la possibilità di fare raid in WoD e di fare boss delle passate espansioni 0
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Nuovo intervento dei blu sull'argomento:

    Watcher ha scritto
    We're going through and making adjustments based on this thread, other feedback, and our own internal testing. Some of the issues were pure oversights; others reflect a loophole when it comes to self-inflicted or friendly-fire damage, for which we're working on a comprehensive fix.

    I do want to clarify, however, that our changes are only intended to offset the direct effects of the "squish" and our goal has been to make sure that linearizing the item curve between item levels ~60 and 463 doesn't impact the ability to solo legacy content. That is not the same as saying that we guarantee nothing will change, period - we've made a number of adjustments to tank mitigation, healing, defensive cooldowns, and so forth. That's nothing new for an expansion, and in some cases, yes, that will make old content more challenging than it was in 5.4.8, especially for tank specs that could previously use Vengeance to great effect. But that has nothing to do with the item squish.
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Un nuovo intervento da parte di Watcher dove conferma che con le modifiche che avveranno per i difensori con la patch 6.0.2., Vendetta che sarà sostituito con una nuova abilità passiva: Determinazione, avranno una maggior difficoltà a completare alcune incursioni da soli come avviene ora sopratutto per quanto riguardano i Raid dell' espansione Cataclysm ma che per il resto stanno correggendo i vari bug.

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    I should have phrased my initial post(s) better. The intent certainly wasn't a blanket dismissal of concerns about new difficulties with soloing content that you can handle easily in 5.4.

    Right now, there is a known bug (for which we should have a fix in an upcoming build) that is causing raid bosses (especially in Cataclysm content) to be more challenging for level 90 players than is the intent. There are also specific issues with encounters that we're still hand-adjusting (Gunship in Icecrown, notably). That will get sorted out. The overwhelming majority of players shouldn't see any negative impact to their legacy content experience when they go from 5.4 to 6.0.

    The sole exception here, which is what I was clarifying, is that if there's an encounter that you can just barely solo as a tank spec on live today, it's quite possible that you won't quite be able to do so in 6.0. It's also possible that something you can solo comfortably today might be slightly harder in 6.0, but still doable. But that's because of basic changes to self-healing and the potency of tank cooldowns, and not anything related to our item or stat changes. And in any case, I'm talking about smaller differences here, not something like getting destroyed by Morchok when you can solo him easily on live, which is the result of a bug.

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    Io so solo che in Beta (non nel prt), ho avuto difficoltà a fare il Jadefire di Timeless island, nel senso che ci ho messo più tempo di quello che impiego normalmente. Però in WoD, con lo shamano elemental in fase di exp, non ho assolutamente problemi. 0