Arrivo e notizie sul PvP in Legion
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    IN arrivo un bel po' di interventi sul pvp in Legion ma intanto leggiamo cosa dicono i blue

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    Hi folks,

    We understand your concern here and the enthusiasm people have to test class balance with everything unlocked. The reality here is that there our primary focus is not currently on class balance but on leveling through the honor system. In the not to distant future, we will want to focus solely on class balance and we'll set everyone to honor level 50. Once we've done that, there will be no turning back. But there are still some stages of the Alpha where more people will be invited to test and they'll get their first experience leveling up through the system. We've recently made changes to the amount of honor required to get to level 10 that will be seen in our next build. We'd like to test those changes in a live environment.
    It should take longer than it currently takes to get a full set of honor gear (bearing in mind that the new honor system has a "rest" system similar to XP). In Legion, the rate at which you earn honor is similar to Warlords.

    We'll take a look at the rate at which you earn honor in Skirmishes.

    Also, if you really want to check out Honor Level 50 matches, you can coordinate War Games with "Tournament Rules" checked in the UI. Players are all Honor Level 50 and set to the same "item level" when Tournament Rules are enabled.
    Prestige is 100% voluntary and offers no power advantage. We are fine if players who care solely about their rating do not Prestige. Rating is serving them fine as a progression mechanic.

    Elite PvP Gear

    Are the elite PvP sets from past seasons/xpacs going account wide like the CM sets are? I've heard yes, and no, But I've never seen Blizzard comment on the topic.

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    Yes. You still need to meet the equip requirements on the item you're transmogging to, so it is functionally unlocked only the class (or classes if you are super pro) you earned the items on.
    The old tabards do not have any equip requirements, so they will be available for any character to use.

    inb4BUTMYGLADMOUNTS: Like many systems that are added in during the game's lifespan, this is a case where the items and rating system that delivered them are very legacy, and we don't have a good way to know what your rating was in a given season this many years later. Transmog handling isn't indicative of a philosophy shift in how we handle prestigious PVP rewards, and we may change how this works for tabards & cloaks going forward.

    Will the xmog system be bnet wide or account wide? Also will you need to login to the character for said items to pop like heirlooms when they first came out?

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    Yes, population of the transmog collection will be very similar to the addition of toy and heirloom collections. Each character will contribute to your account-wide ( collection as you log them in.

    One last question though, you said meet the requirements, In my case that would just mean a priest that is at level x (x being whatever level the gear was at the time) so for cata elite gear the alt priest in question would need to be 85 and so on correct?

    Not just priests I had that were also 2200+ in that particular season?

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    Yes, if you have a set of elite gear in your priest's bank, once that is added to your transmog collection any other Priests on your account only need to meet the level requirement to gain access to that transmog. Your Mages wouldn't be able to use it, because the gear is restricted to the Priest class. Again, this may not be how it works in future seasons, just for legacy seasons.

    Honor Talents

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    Honor talents activate whenever you engage in PvP including out in the world.

    Draenor Perks

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    Draenor Perks are being removed in Legion. Many of them have become baseline, but some will be removed completely.

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