Allied races, Alliance shafted?
  • blackdoom 09 gennaio 2018, 12:53 blackdoom
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    So, can't wait for Allied Races. I love levelling and I normally quit around the end of tthe xpac as don't do raiding other than LFR.
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    So so happy.


    Why do I have to get exalted with the two latest factions as Alliance to unlock my Allied Races? Horde need Highmountain and Nightfallen. I have exalted on those, most people will have 1 char that either has them or are close!
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    I'm now trying my damn best to grind Argussian Reach and Army of the Light rep to be exalted before they release but it's hard going (only got about 5 hours a week I can play).

    Can they not be revered instead?

    Is it just me being a whining get or not?
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    Ta muchly
  • seraknis 09 gennaio 2018, 14:36 seraknis
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    Afking Mythic raids for <Blasphemy> Well of Eternity - Horde
    Hi, this is an Italian speaking forum, so maybe you should try to post your opinions on some other site with an english speaking community.

    Btw, there are still month's ahead of us until BfA, you'll be able to unlock both reps just with the tokens you get from order hall missions in this amount of time.

    It does also make sense that you have to build trust with that race before you go recruit them.
  • Greymane 09 gennaio 2018, 16:43 Greymane
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    Hello, as Seraknis said, this is an italian community, so don't expect many english responses from other peoples here.

    Anyway that's my thought: am i excited about these first specific Allied Race (Void Elves, Lightforged, Highmountain and Nightborne)? Not really, most of them have just little cosmetic differences from the actual normal races, the one that we could consider as "half-new" are the Highborne (considering only the ones that will likely be released before BfA)

    So, in what am i excited about? In the potential of the Allied Race system in the future; there are alot of races in this game that could potentially become Allied Races in the future. During Blizzcon they said that more are planned after the Zandalari and Dark Iron Dwarves, so i'm all in trust for this system.

    And about the Argussian Reach and Army of the Light rep farming, BfA is still months ahead, so even if the first four Allied Races will become available in the 7.3.5 live patch, it's hard that you'll become overloaded with things to do in order to unlock them :good: