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    È stata implementata una nuova patch per StarCraft Remasterd, in cui vengono risolti alcuni problemi. Il team è sempre al lavoro per migliorare la stabilità dei server, correggere eventuali bug e sviluppare nuove funzioni.

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    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a high frequency crash related invalid map data
    • Hotkey fixes; including support for Ghost and Infested Terran alternative forms & Siege Tank Seige Mode.
    • Games where 1 human is playing entirely against AI are no longer recorded in player profile history.
    • Fix for players receiving a loss /drop in MMR after disconnecting from a Ranked Play game.
    • Viewing profiles now works for folks on the same LAN

    Expect more of these small frequent patches to address crashes. 

    We see all of the feedback & issues being reported. We appreciate your patience as we work through it. SC has such an awesome global community surrounding it, and together we will continually improve the experience.

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