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    Anche per il gioco classico StarCraft è stato fatto un aggiornamento per la risoluzione di alcuni bug e alcuni piccoli cambiamenti.

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    Greetings Commanders, Executors, and Cerebrates,We will be updating to version 1.18.3 today starting at 2 PM PDT. Expected maintenance window is 2 hours.

    Specific Changes & Improvements

    • Improved mouse sensitivity parity between Fullscreen and Windowed Fullscreen
    • Holding down Group key now follows selected unit(s)
    • Chat Channel name will now remain visible while scrolling participant list

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed various crashes caused by other programs closing Bonjour Service
    • Fixed /stats and NumPad 0 to properly display player information
    • Fixed Zerg wireframes not changing for mutated units

    Known Issues


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