• La ladder della seconda stagione è stata chiusa con una settimana di anticipo a causa di un errore di configurazione. Per non creare ulteriore confusione tra i giocatori, Blizzard ha deciso di non riaprirla. La terza stagione ripartirà normalmente il 7 luglio 2014.

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    This morning we posted a blog that offered a reminder on the incoming Season 2 Ladder lock intended to occur next week. Shortly after the blog went live, we received reports from players that the ladder season had already locked.

    After investigating the reports, it appears that a configuration error in our system caused the Season 2 Ladder to lock today rather than next week.

    While looking at our options for how best to resolve this issue, we realized that reverting the lock at this point could cause further confusion among many players on their final Season 2 Ladder standing. This is especially true for Grandmaster players that believe they’ve already secured their positions as part of the lock. Additionally, we'd prefer to allow the lock to extend an extra week rather than risk making a change that could affect the ladder data near the end of a season. For these reasons, we've decided to allow the lock to remain. This means the ladder will be locked from June 23, 2014 until Season 3 starts on July 7, 2014.

    It's always our preference to provide advance notice on incoming ladder locks and we apologize for the inconvenience of this situation.
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