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    In attesa dell'uscita delle Missioni Operative si potrà ingannare il tempo con dei rompicapi ed enigmi che verranno presentati di volta in volta prima dell'uscita dell'add-on. Partecipare è semplice: bisogna decifrare il messaggio nascosto e inviarlo a RadioLiberty@blizzard.com; non si esclude la possibilità che chi riesca a risolvere il rompicapo possa ottenere qualcosa.

    Attenzione: tutte le informazioni sono esclusivamente in inglese!

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    Hey listeners! It's been a while, but those of us at Radio Liberty are back with a huge scoop!

    You heard that right--this is bigger than the zerg and the protoss put together. This time we're hitting close to home with a lead on missing ghosts in the Terran Dominion.

    A few hours ago, we were contacted by a very prestigious informant. Now, we can't name names, but you can trust me that this guy is the real deal, and he's not gonna lead us down the wrong path or anything. However, he's on to something so high-stakes that he's getting to be a little worried for his safety. Once his intel goes public, it could be traced back to him, and he doesn't want any trouble.

    Now, we don't know what kind of opposition he's facing. But if the information is as critical as he's saying it is, it's worth the risk, and he's always been true to his word before.

    Out of concern for his safety, and as an act of appreciation for his tireless efforts to spread information throughout the Terran Dominion, we've offered to give him a helping hand. He's been hiding his intel as carefully as he can to keep the wrong people from finding it, and we just received the first document from him. Whatever message it contains is encoded somehow.

    If you're up for this challenge, send us your findings at RadioLiberty@blizzard.com.

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  • Cippacometa 23 marzo 2016, 15:16 Cippacometa
    BattleTag: cippacometa#1373
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    ingannare il tempo?
  • Bogher 23 marzo 2016, 18:56 Bogher
    Messaggi: 89

    Iscritto il: 12 luglio 2010, 16:27
    Sarebbe carino se questi minigame fossero inseriti nel gioco, come una daily.

    Non credo che si otterrà qualcosa, più che altro ogni giorno danno la soluzione del giorno prima, almeno oggi è stato così.
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