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    I primi feedback da parte della comunità, per quanto riguarda il test di bilanciamento della nuova patch. Sul forum sono state analizzate le seguenti unità:

    • L'infestatore: Il rintanamento profondo da parte di questa unità sarà rimosso anche per una sovrapposizione con l'abilità "Salto Tattico" dell'Incrociatore;
    • Adepta: Si sta valutando di cambiare il raggio di visione del trasferimento psionico dell'adepta, sempre che la comunità accetti questo cambiamento;
    • Banshee: Si prende in considerazione la riduzione della velocità dell'unità o aumentare il tempo di ricerca dell'abilità, anche su questo si aspettano i pareri della comunità.

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    Thoughts on the test map so far
    It’s cool seeing a lot of constructive discussion on whether or not certain things are good/bad for the game as well as if certain changes are strong/weak right now. We agree that it’s a bit difficult to tell with so many things having changed at once, but we are exploring ways to have a bit more high-level game representation within the balance testing. And we would really love to encourage more players to continuously play the test maps especially after the matchmaker goes out in a couple of weeks.

    Now, let’s talk about a few specific items.

    Both of the new abilities on the Infestor are kind of achieving the similar goal of surprising the enemy before Infestor spells can be cast. When we compare the two things: casting all abilities while burrowed and Deep Tunnel, we believe that the first is much cooler, while Deep Tunnel has significant overlaps with the Battlecruiser’s Tactical Jump ability. Therefore, we wanted to get your thoughts on removing Deep Tunnel, and pushing the cast while burrowed ability to be the strong add. 

    We are seeing feedback of trying out a change where the vision radius is reduced on the Adept shades. Unless there is strong disagreement about this change, we’ll start testing on this as well.

    Banshee Speed Upgrade
    This upgrade at the current tech level does seem to be a bit too much right now. We have been discussing between reducing the speed bonus a bit, or increasing the research time to delay when it is available. Please let us know what your thoughts are regarding this.

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