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    Negli ultimi mesi è stato notato, grazie alla comunità e a giocatori professionisti, che gli Zerg sono meno incisivi nei match-up con entrambe le razze e che i Terran sono leggermente favoriti, sopratutto con le ultime mappe inserite nella stagione 3.

    Per questo saranno fatte delle prove per uniformare la potenza delle razze. In particolar modo, uno dei cambiamenti sarà sulle Mine Widow e lo Spash Damage, il cui danno è diminuito da 40 + 40 agli scudi 40 +20 agli scudi. Essendo in bassa stagione si avrà il tempo per testare questa ed altre nuove modifiche che arriveranno nel 2015.

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    Hello everyone,

    We’ve been assessing the state of Heart of the Swarm balance recently, and while our data shows that balance at lower skill levels is quite even, we’ve noted some concerns at the highest levels of play. We’re seeing that Terran looks slightly stronger than the other two races, and Zerg is underperforming slightly in both matchups.

    As suggested by pro players and members of the community, we feel the map pool in Season 3 contributed a lot to these racial differences and we’re going to be making changes next season to help with this. Our goal for the upcoming season is to have a good mix of maps that are balanced as well as some that slightly favor specific races. We’re currently working towards finalizing the 2015 Season 1 map pool and we’re hoping that we can update to the new ladder map pool later this month.

    Additionally, we’ve been considering potential balance changes to help address these issues. One area we’ve been keeping close tabs on that we believe we can help improve balance is the strength of the Widow Mine in TvP. We believe the direction of our last balance update was correct, but we wonder if the actual numbers were slightly too much. We’re currently thinking of testing the following change on a balance test map:

    Widow mine splash damage decreased from 40 +40 shields to 40 +20 shields.

    This will change a few key unit relationships such as Zealots requiring three shots to die from Widow Mine splash damage to four shots and Sentries/Templars would go from one shot to two shots.

    We’re currently in the off-season, so we have time to fully test out changes to the game, but we first wanted to hear your thoughts before committing to a balance test map.

    Thank you.
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