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    Blizzard ha appena rilasciato la nuova mappa “Deadwing LE (2.1.7 Balance v1.0)" per i test di bilanciamento, selezionabile direttamente per le partite personalizzate. Abbiamo così la possibilità diretta di verificare la modifica fatta alle mine widow per quanto riguarda lo splash damage sugli scudi. Ovviamente il cambiamento non è definitivo e non influirà sulle normali meccaniche di gioco in multiplayer. Cosa ne pensate?


    • Terran:
      Widow Mine Splash Damage è diminuito da 40 + 40 scudi a 40 + 20 scudi.
    • Estensione prova di bilanciamento
      Aggiornata anche la Mod per i test di bilanciamento in modo da provare subito le modifiche apportate anche su altre mappe. Per far ciò basta seguire questi semplici passaggi:
      • Raggiungete la sezione Sfoglia mappe dal menu Partite amichevoli.
      • Selezionate una mappa e cliccate sul pulsante "Crea con mod" in basso a destra.
      • Scegliete di visualizzare i mod Blizzard dal menu a tendina in alto sullo schermo.
      • Selezionate l'estensione "Prova del bilanciamento" dall'elenco e cliccate su Crea partita.

    Blizzard ha scritto
    We’ve just published a Balance Test Map to the StarCraft II Custom Games list titled “Deadwing LE (2.1.7 Balance v1.0)". In this test map, we’ll be testing a change to the Widow Mine that reduces the splash damage against shields. During this testing phase, please keep in mind that this change is not final. Our plan is to first explore how each change impacts the game and potentially test additional changes after reviewing your feedback. Let's have a look at the full list of changes you'll be testing in this version:


    Widow Mine
    Widow mine splash damage decreased from 40 +40 shields to 40 +20 shields.
    Balance Testing Extension Mod

    We’ve also updated the Extension Mod for balance testing, so that you can try your hand with these changes on maps other than Deadwing. Those of you who are interested in trying out the Extension Mod can use the following steps to get a game started:

    Navigate to Browse Maps on the Custom Games menu,
    Select a map and click the Create with Mod button in the lower right corner,
    Choose to sort by Blizzard Mods from the dropdown list at the top of the screen.
    Select the “Balance Test Mod” Extension from the list and then hit Create Game.
    If you're interested in the StarCraft II Balance Team's reasoning behind each change, you can check out David Kim's recent forum post on the topic.

    We’d like to remind you that feedback based on playtesting is the most helpful information you can share with us at this time. We kindly ask that you spend some time playing games on the test map before offering your thoughts on the changes listed above.

    As always, thank you for your continued feedback and support. We’d like to restate that none of the changes listed above are final. Once you feel you’ve had enough time to test thoroughly, we welcome you to share your feedback
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