• La patch 2.5.2 per la closed beta di Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void ha aggiunto la nuova unità aerea Terran sulla quale da tempo gli sviluppatori erano al lavoro. Cosa ne pensate?

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    This patch brings a brand new unit to the Terran army, a chat system rework and a bevy of bug fixes to the Legacy of the Void beta. Please note that the patch is being distrubted throughout the day and may not be available in your region yet. Find a full list of them in the patch notes below:


    • Chat System
      • The old StarCraft II Chat System has been removed and a new embedded chat dialogue has been added.
      • Type /help into chat for a full list of commands.
    • Friends List
      • The Friends List has been given a slight visual refresh and should feel more responsive.
      • Players Near You has been moved from the Home Screen into the Friends List.


    • Gas geysers now contain 2000 gas.


    • New Unit: Liberator
      • Mechanical Air Unit
      • Fires 2 missiles that deal 7 splash damage to air units.
      • Can be deployed to attack ground units, losing mobility and anti-air attack.
        • While deployed, the Liberator attacks any ground units in the target zone for 85 damage.
        • Single target damage.
        • Cannot attack buildings while deployed.
    • Vehicle and Ship Weapon upgrades have been separated again.
    • Adjusted building subgroup priorities to the following:
      • Command Center  >  Planetary Fortress
      • Barracks  >  Factory > Starport
      • Engineering Bay > Armory


    • Corruptor
      • Reverted ability to Corruption but now can be auto-cast.
    • Swarm Hosts
      • Can no longer move while burrowed.
    • Roaches
      • Burrow movement once again needs to be researched.
    • Adjusted building subgroup priorities to the following:
      • Hatchery > Lair > Hive
      • Evolutionary Chamber > Spire > Greater Spire
      • Hydralisk Den > Lurker Den


    • Adjusted building subgroup priorities to the following:
      • Gateway > Robotics > Stargate

    Bug Fixes

    • The Raven ready sound no longer plays when a Cyclone is created.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a newly morphed Ravager to glide on the ground.
    • Neural Parasite will no longer persist through Oracle’s Stasis Trap.
    • A unit can no longer be targeted with Graviton Beam while are under the effect of knock-back.
    • Fixed an issue that caused units to attack destructible doodads they were railed to.
    • Siege Tanks in siege mode should no longer become covered by creep when moved by a Medivac.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented unburrowed Swarm Hosts from spawning locusts when selected in a group with burrowed Swarm Hosts.
    • Locusts should now correctly have a life duration of 25.
    • Adepts can no longer phase into buildings under construction.
    • Lurker attacks should no longer be visible through the Fog of War.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Adept to glide if issued a move command immediately after using Psionic Transfer.
    • Caustic Spray and Parasitic Bomb will now properly trigger an “Under Attack” alert.
    • Adjusting the viewing speed of a replay should no longer cause the timestamp to jump around.
    • The Hellbat's attack will now correctly appear blue with the Infernal Pre-Igniters upgrade.
    • The “Activate Stasis Trap” hotkey is now available for customization.
    • Cyclones will no longer automatically target disguised changelings when Lock On is set to Auto-Cast.
    • You can no longer reveal a Stasis Ward by using an Overlords “Generate Creep” ability.
    • The Lurker Den is no longer missing from the Zerg Structures Hotkeys Menu.
    • The Battlecruiser animation on the home screen will no longer disappear if you are idle.
    • The Disruptor's Purification Nova explosion effect is no longer faint on Low graphic settings.
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    "Il buon giocatore ha sempre delle possibilità."
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Volevo segnalare l'uscita in italiano delle note

    http://eu.battle.net/sc2/it/blog/193125 ... 27-05-2015

    ed anche: Introduzione al Liberatore

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    Mi ha dato la stessa impressione :good:
  • Grevier 28 maggio 2015, 11:10 Grevier
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    Si insomma se esisteva il mass mutalisk ora esiste anche questo. 0
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    Speriamo che la re introduzione della divisione degli upgrade tra unità mech ground e air controbilanci la potenza introdotta da questa unità... 0
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    Tesoro mio *.* <3 0
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    sulla carta, sembra un'ottima unità 0
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    Molto molto interessante...ma per me troppo op in forma 'assedio lungo raggio', credo che verrà sicuramente nerfata... 0
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