• Grazie al feedback della comunità, gli sviluppatori hanno deciso di condividere alcune possibili modifiche future al bilanciamento di StarCraft II. Ricordiamo che nulla è definitivo e si potrà comunque provare il tutto in una futura mappa di test.

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    Thanks for your feedback and all the great ideas for our next Balance Test Map. Our goal is to aggressively test out various changes so that we can act quickly when problems arise. Don’t panic though, because these changes are not necessarily close to final for inclusion in a balance patch. We’re just testing and learning the effects of various changes before we make any final decisions.With that said—let’s examine some of the changes we’d like to experiment with in an upcoming Balance Test Map.

    Ravager Corrosive bile damage changed from 60 to 45 +15 bio
    This is the first proposed change. This was the best suggestion we saw this week from the community, and we agree completely that it could be a good change for a few reasons.

    • In ZvP, this type of change will help Protoss against early/mid Ravager pushes while on defense.
    • In ZvT, with the Ravager shots nerfed heavily against mechanical units like Siege Tanks, we may be able to try out the Siege Tank Siege mode pick up removal.
    • In ZvZ, there will be no change, which is great since we want to continue to see a variety of units in the matchup.

    Liberator ability range reduced by 1, but range is regained with the upgrade
    This change was included mostly for ZvT. The biggest issue we see of making the Ravager change in this matchup is the strength of Liberators. We hope that a change such as this one will help Zerg deal with early Liberators with Spore Crawlers or Queens, until they get the proper defenses out.

    Medivacs can’t pick up Siege Tanks in Siege Mode
    Although sieged pickup has increased micro and early aggression, as many of you point out, removing this ability seems good for three reasons:


    • This ability takes away from the cool factor of Siege Tanks having a clear weakness vs. strength compared to other units in the game.
    • The advantages/disadvantages of mech vs. bio are lessened due to this change
    • This change will give us some room to increase the damage of Siege Tanks, which we agree could have positive effects in terms of Siege Tanks really fulfilling their fantasy.

    Currently, Terran bio-play can have the fire power of Siege Tanks without sacrificing mobility. This seems to be a main reason to play bio instead of mech. By removing this ability, and giving more strength to the Siege Tank, we wonder if we can have this clear distinction between the two playstyles appear once again.

    Siege Tank damage increased from 35 (50 vs. armored) to 40 (60 vs. armored)
    We wanted to locate numbers that would specifically buff the Siege Tank heavily vs. certain units and not others. For example:


    • Siege Tanks’ relationship against Marines won’t be changed too significantly, but Marauders that just used Stim Pack to close in on Tanks will be heavily nerfed by this change.
    • Roaches and Ravagers won't be affected heavily, but once global upgrades start coming into play these changes will begin favoring Siege Tanks.
    • Against Protoss, this will change the Siege Tanks’ relationship against most ground units, but we wonder if this is a good thing since Protoss is already the most resistant to Siege Tank attacks.

    What’s Next?
    We just started playtesting these numbers internally this week, so we’d love your feedback regarding both the high level direction of these changes as well as specific number suggestions. Also, please note that none of these changes are final and there’s no need to overreact. Let’s work towards having the best set of changes for the next Balance Test Map!


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  • Shiva 19 febbraio 2016, 11:07 Shiva
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    Direi che siamo sulla strada giusta, non ha alcun senso al momento l attuale move del tank, anche se secondo me siamo ancora bel al di sotto di un buon bilanciamento per i terran. Le nuove unità sono sostanzialmente inutili salvo il liberator e si è costretti ad andare sempre e cmq di mmm mentre le altre 2 razze han trovato ciò che in qlc modo sopperiva nelle loro precedenti composition... 0
  • Magnus 19 febbraio 2016, 11:38 Magnus
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    @Shiva Giocare Terran è una fatica immensa.. 1
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