• David Sum è intervenuto sui forum ufficiali per illustrare le modifiche in arrivo per la modalità Cooperativa di StarCraft II.

    Gli interventi più urgenti sono sul bilanciamento dei comandanti, modifiche a Fenix per renderlo più unico e tematico e qualche accenno ai contenuti futuri della modalità.

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    Hi Everyone,

    We wanted to update everyone on some of the things the team is working on.

    Balance and Win Rates
    As someone correctly pointed out in the Co-op forums, win rates can be misleading, especially when a commander is brand new. We need some time for the data to settle in since everyone is still learning how to use the commander’s units and abilities. An initial high win-rate may be caused by a disproportionally large number of games that accompanies the release of a new commander. That said, we can’t strictly rely on data to make good decisions. We must ask ourselves, is the commander fun to play? Are there enough viable strategies? Is the difficulty in the right spot? Other data points are also valuable to consider as well, such as win rates in mutation challenges and use rates in both modes. And of course, feedback from our awesome community!

    Abathur seems to be doing well after the recent changes we made. Fenix’s numbers are looking better but we’ve read your feedback and we’re planning on making additional changes, both in this patch, and in future patches.

    One of Fenix's main themes is having powerful champions leading the way into combat and never truly falling because they can instantly transfer into another shell. With this in mind, we are making some targeted changes to help make this a powerful playstyle for Fenix. Champions will have more armor, shorter attack range, move faster, and gain improved Tactical Data Web bonuses. The result should be champions rushing into the front lines, soaking up damage, transferring into a new shell and repeating the process until the battle is won. We are exploring some changes to the “Avenging Protocol” upgrade but we’re not ready to share details at this time. We also lowered the costs for a few of the champion upgrades to get them in the fight sooner. We will continue to watch Fenix so please let us know how these changes feel and how he's doing in Mutation challenges!

    Co-op AI
    We are reverting the AI change that made units go after the player spawner units (Carrier, Swarm Host, Zagara, etc). Unfortunately, this change did not really get us the best results and additionally caused some aberrant side effects.

    Future Content
    Not only are we working to keep the current state of the game healthy, we working on new content as well! The team has been hard at work creating new missions, incorporating the Rock the Cabinet contest winner and working on new commanders. Of course, our StarCraft II community and PR teams would be quite upset if I spoiled everything here so I better keep my mouth shut and get back to work! =)

    David Sum

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