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    I test sul nuovo design dell'Ospite dello Sciame continuano e sembrano dare i frutti sperati, rendendo meno statiche le partite e fornendo ai giocatori Zerg un'unità da harassing in più.

    Gli sviluppatori stanno testando ulteriori modifiche ai Viking Terran ed alle Tempeste Protoss, in maniera tale da riportare in auge l'utilizzo dei Patriarchi che dovrebbero andare a ricoprire il ruolo precedentemente occupato dall'Ospite dello Sciame.

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    With some of the renewed discussion on Swarm Hosts over the weekend, we wanted to provide an update on where we’re at with the balance test map. While we haven’t seen the level of feedback we were hoping for with a change of this scale, there have been some high profile showmatches which have provided us with some useful information. In the games we’ve seen, we’re noticing a few important things:

    • The new Swarm Hosts are extremely effective at harassment in smaller numbers. Due to their high mobility and the flying locusts, it seems like there could be a lot of potential in this area.
    • The new Swarm Hosts are clearly weaker when in mass which was our intention. However, we’d like to push this even further to discourage mass Swarm Hosts.
    • If we do push Swarm Host even more towards a pure harassing role, we’ll have holes we need to fill. These are: Terran mech and Zerg being able to zone out High Templars in late game engagements.

    So the changes we’re considering for the balance test map are:Locust duration decreased from 30 to 25

    • This will allow countering mass Swarm Host armies during the long downtime between Locust spawns even better, while not hurting the smaller scale mobility based harassment cases as much.

    Viper Blinding Cloud range increased from 10 to 11

    • This is to help vs. Mech especially since the range difference between Vipers and Vikings will be slightly greater.

    Tempest no longer has +massive damage vs. air

    • Brood Lords can still be countered by the long range of Tempests, but they won’t be the hard counter they are now, meaning Brood Lords can serve to fill the missing gap created by the redesign of the Swarm Host.

    Targeted release and continued testing
    While these changes aren’t final, our current target time frame to release a live patch with the updated Swarm Host is shortly after the WCS Season 1 finals. This date will be coming up fast, so please continue playtesting on the balance test map and providing us with feedback. The next few weeks will be crucial in helping shape our next balance update. It will be difficult to patch such a major change without help from our community and the pro players.Thank you.


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