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    Blizzard chiarisce alcuni punti sul bilanciamento e i feedback ricevuti:

    • Si pensa di aggiungere un contatore per i lavoratori ( SCV, Sonde, Droni) all'interfaccia utente in gioco;
    • Attualmente si sta lavorando con KeSpa per allineare almeno 4 nuove mappe nei tornei coreani, si sta lavorando sulle mappe New Gettysburg, Sejong, Frost, e una mappa a metà tra Torri della rovina e Tempio congelato;
    • Si stanno valutando le nuove mappe ricevute dal concorso del team Liquid;
    • Il tempo di recupero del ciclone sarà corretto al più presto con il prossimo aggiornamento;
    • Altri bug minori, individuati dalla comunità, verranno presto corretti.

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    Hey everyone. We’ve got a really short feedback update this week. As we’ve mentioned before, if there are others topics to discuss we can also chat throughout the upcoming week. As for this week however, here are a couple of things we wanted to bring up.

    Worker Counter on the in-game UI
    Last week, we discussed a suggestion to add a worker ‘counter’ to the in-game UI. We’re definitely seeing a lot of positivity around potentially adding this feature. Please let us know if we’re wrong here, but for now we will start exploring internally what this means on the UI side.

    Season 3 Maps
    We just wanted to let you guys know that we’re currently working with KeSPA in order to be able to align at least 4 maps with KR tournaments with the Season 2 and Season 3 ladder. Because Korean tournaments happen in between the two ladder seasons, we will do our best to have at least 4 of the tournament maps in both ladder seasons. This way, pro players can veto accordingly, and use the ladder to practice.We’ve also been working on improvements to New Gettysburg with KeSPA, Korean players, and ‘Jacky’, the creator of the map, since the map looked so promising. The current thinking is to use New Gettysburg, Sejong, Frost, one map between Frozen Temple and Dusk Towers, and the remaining 3 slots are still to be determined.However, we did want to give a shoutout to many of the map makers out there that participated in the Team Liquid map contest. We noticed a lot of the maps we liked were from new map makers. This was especially awesome because we could definitely see that the map making scene is continuing to grow!
    Cyclone Cooldown Value
    We were also seeing some discussion around Cyclone ability cooldown increasing this week. We’ve located why this human error happened, and will do our best to prevent this from happening again. We will get this bug fixed with the next update to the game. There are also a few other minor bugs that we’ve located thanks to the community, and we’ll definitely include these fixes as well. Thanks for looking out for the game and helping to correct even the smallest issues within the game.

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