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    Protagonista dello Starcraft 2 Arcade Highlight è la mappa Airstrike, uno spara-tutto dall'alto con un caratteristico stile vintage. Radunate tre amici o giocate da soli, scegliete la vostra nave spaziale Terran o Protoss e cominciate a sparare a chi sta sotto di voi! È possibile anche impostare i talenti e scegliere le abilità passive per progredire nel gioco: non c'è da annoiarsi! Per giocare agli Arcade non è necessario aver acquistato Starcraft II, né espansione.

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    It’s time to take to the skies in this week’s latest Arcade Highlight, Airstrike! You and three of your best wingmen can take on hordes of enemies using one of the ten different ships. Choose your ships payload among almost 100 different weapons and abilities and launch against eight different levels. Every type of creature and war machine will be thrown against you to test your reflexes. Check out the full review.

    We talked to the creator ‘rut’ about his fantastic work and how it took flight.

    Traysent: Please introduce yourself! Anything you are willing to share: Age, name, location.

    Rut: My name is rut. I am 25 and I live in the Western United States.

    T: What was the inspiration for Airstrike?

    R: I wanted to make a new game for the Rock the Cabinet contest and decided on a top-down 2D airplane shooter with RPG elements and a PvP option. I’ve always loved the 2D airplane shooter genre, my favorites being Einhander and Mars Matrix.

    T: How long did it take to complete Airstrike? How many people worked on it and what roles did they have?

    R: It took four months of continuous, borderline religious work on the game to get a playable product, and it’s taken about another seven months at a much more relaxed pace to get the game where it is now. After the first four months, a fantastic terrainer, Wargirl, joined the project. She completely revamped the terrain and gave the campaign a unique visual style that is extraordinarily impressive. An excellent composer, Moustro, has also recently joined the project to give the game an incredible, brand-new custom soundtrack. My brother is also my primary playtester.


    T: Do you have any funny stories about the design process?

    R: The first time I playtested the game with strangers online was a complete, utter trainwreck. I ran into horrible bugs, no one knew how to equip the active abilities (at the time they did not auto-equip when you upgraded them), and the controls weren’t explained adequately. After the disastrous session, I thought I had spectacularly wasted three months of my life, but luckily the next session went much better.

    T: What was the most challenging part in the development process? How did you overcome it?

    R: The hardest part of development was finding a way to reconcile the appearance of where missiles were and the actual searching location of the missile. What I mean is that if you launch a missile and the target point is on high ground or very low ground, the missile will take a straight-line trajectory to the target point, meaning its height will change as it progresses. Problem is the height is irrelevant to where the searching behavior of the missile takes place. At some angles, missiles could look like they’re nowhere near you yet still “connect” due to this visual discrepancy. The solution was to pre-calculate the trajectory of each missile being fired and then launch the missile only to that point, creating the illusion of it “colliding” with a cliff without it moving higher in altitude as it gets closer to the cliff.

    T: What do you feel makes your game compelling?

    R: Most people seem to love the 2D airplane shooter genre. Practically everyone I know enjoys these kinds of games so it’s always surprised me you don’t see them on Battle.net. This game takes the airplane shooter genre and combines it with an RPG, giving it a complicated skilltree. There are 32 active abilities and 64 passives, along with 8 different playable ships, and finding a viable build capable of beating the campaign takes some planning, thought, and of course, skill.

    T: Besides keeping things small and simple, what advice would you give to someone who is interested in using the StarCraft II editor to make their own game?

    R: Master colliding projectiles. Colliding projectiles (or as I like to call them, “interactive” projectiles) are ones that travel until they hit a target as opposed to just travelling to the target point and then impacting. They’re so much more flexible than standard projectiles and a thousand times more fun. There are some great tutorials and discussions on SC2mapster.net that can help you learn how to make them.

    T: Do you have any plans for other games or future goals as a game designer?

    R: I’ve had ideas and even made a playable “demo” called “Starworkinprogress” that’s published on the NA server for an assassin game where you blend in with neutral units and attempt to identify and kill other players. I’m not sure how far I want to pursue the idea but that’s the newest project I’ve worked on.

    T: What’s the best way people can follow you and your work (Twitter, Facebook, Website, etc.)?

    R: Honestly I’m not much into Social Media, but you can contact me with any questions, concerns, or bug reports at rutegar1122@hotmail.com

    T: Do you have any favorite games on the StarCraft II Arcade?

    R: There’s this fantastic sports-themed arena game, I think it’s titled “StarDodgeBall,” but wow it blew my mind!

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