• Grazie al feedback dei giocatori sulle nuove mappe ladder, Blizzard ha implementato una modifica ai punti di partenza di Braccio della Morte e Laboratori Foxtrot (i punti di rientro saranno sempre in diagonale).

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    Thank you for your feedback on the current season maps. After checking out the initial games being played on the new maps and considering the changes that we have lined up for the upcoming balance patch, we agree with popular community and pro players suggestions that some map spawn locations need adjusting. We’ll be looking to make the following changes:

    1. Deadwing LE horizontal spawns disabled.
    2. Foxtrot Labs LE diagonal spawns only.

    In addition to these spawn location changes, we’ll be updating the map description text on these maps to offer details on the spawning locations. We’ll be trying to make these changes along with the balance patch soon. Thank you.
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