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    Scott Mercer, risponde sul forum di Overwatch, ad alcune questioni che riguardano la modalità competitiva del gioco. Tenendo conto che la Beta è una fase molto precoce del gioco e ci sono un sacco di funzioni non ancora implementate, ecco i punti essenziali su cui si sta ponendo maggior attenzione:

    • La gestione dei giocatori che abbandonano e degli AFK è sicuramente da migliorare, è stato spento il sistema di rilevamento di giocatori in afk, ma non è una cosa permanente;
    • Si ha intenzione di fornire una classifica nel grado Eroico in futuro;
    • Si vuole implementare una tabella di progressione storica, in modo da visualizzare quanto si è fatto nelle stagioni precedenti per poter fare un confronto con la stagione in corso;
    • In un solo mese per ogni stagione si potrebbero avviare molte iniziative, come un incremento di PE verso la fine ecc. Tuttavia si stanno raccogliendo dati relativi alle partite e i feedback della comunità per accertare quanto tempo un giocatore salga di rango;
    • È stato rimosso il cronometro verso il termine della partita per rendere l'obbiettivo da seguire semplice, ovvero conquistare la mappa; si sta cercando di non invogliare i giocatori a cambiare troppo spesso le composizioni di squadra.
    • Per chiarire un malinteso: nel livello Master c'è solo +20 alla vittoria e -20 alla sconfitta, non ci sono bonus o malus, per arrivare da Master ad Eroica bisogna vincere più partite di quante se ne perdono;

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    We know we have a lot of things to improve on with Competitive Play, the beta has a very early version that has a lot of unimplemented features. We put this version into the beta to begin the process of getting data and feedback (like yours!) as we work towards implementing all its features. 

    - Handling Leavers and AFKs absolutely has to be improved. We actually turned off our very basic AFK detection in the beta to try and prevent accidental leaves, but that's not something we'll keep permanently.

    - We do plan on having in game leaderboards for Heroic ranks in the future. Handling solo players differently than teams is something we'll look at, but it could potentially add a lot of complication and unintended social consequences that might not end up being worth it. 

    - Another feature similar to leaderboards I really want is a historical display showing your progression through the competitive ranks. You could compare how well you did this season compared to previous seasons, both in where you ended and how many games it took to reach the different tiers. We have the non-Heroic tiers and divisions and 1 month seasons to put more emphasis on the journey rather than the destination, and seeing that in a historical context is a big step towards making it meaningful and not just a "grind".

    - So about 1 month seasons... There's a lot of things we like about 1 month seasons (we get to reward more often, easy to know when it begins and ends, you're never far away from a "fresh start", etc.) BUT... We're gathering data on how many games and the time it takes for various players to rise through ranks. We certainly have no intention of making the journey to Heroic so long that you can't enjoy the being at Heroic, so if we need to do it we'll make tuning adjustments based on the data we get as well as feedback.

    - One of the major reasons we decided to go with the sudden death tie break format instead of game length (aka "Stopwatch") was that to keep the objective for a map simple and clear: win the map. Use of a game length tie break and the various proposed variants on it add a second objective on top of that to break ties: win the map fast. Especially in the early days of Overwatch's competitive metagame, I'd rather not encourage players to change their team comps and playstyles around that second objective. To make a point, we could also use a different secondary criteria to break ties that would be just as technically fair as game length: total player deaths. That would be horrible, though. We don't want to incentivize players to NOT make aggressive plays because they're worrying about dying, nor do we want players chasing kills and ignoring the objective. Game length isn't as bad as THAT, but it could make some heroes more preferred than others, or in a worst case lead to "stall" comps used by defenders who know that they don't need to stop the attackers, just simply delay them. All that being said, we're actively looking to see if we can make improvements to our current format to address the feedback we've been getting. The dialogue has been great.

    - To clear up a misunderstanding about our competitive progression, in the Master tier there's only +20 for a win and -20 for a loss. There's no win streak bonus, or reduced penalty for a sudden death loss. To climb up through master to get to heroic, you do need to win more than you lose

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