• La patch di oggi modifica il tempo a disposizione per i team in attacco nelle mappe Assalto per conquistare il primo obiettivo, passando da 5 a 4 minuti. Questa modifica vale solo per la modalità Competitiva.

    Lylirra ha scritto


    Competitive Play

    • Attacking teams now have 4 minutes to capture the first point on Assault maps (down from 5 minutes)


    • The “You Are Not Prepared” spray and player icon is now available for all players



    • The correct hit pip sound will now play whenever one of Ana’s darts impact with a barrier
    • All of Ana’s in-game sounds now have proper occlusion

    User Interface

    • Fixed a bug that caused “Attack” and “Defend” indicators to not always display on the hero select screen
    • Fixed a bug that caused the scoreboard (default: Tab) to sometimes display the wrong stats if you switched hero mid-match
    • Fixed a bug in Competitive Play that caused the numbers on the post-match skill rating bar to not increment correctly
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  • Grevier 22 luglio 2016, 14:46 Grevier
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    Se non fosse che i punti A hanno un solo ingresso... (Volskaya esclusa, ma tanto poco fa) 0
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