• Moira ormai ci fa compagnia già da una settimana, quindi ora è il turno del secondo, grande contenuto mostrato alla BlizzCon 2017: il campo di battaglia Blizzard World! La nuova mappa è disponibile sui server PTR di Overwatch, pronta per essere testata in vista della sua implementazione in live.

    Ecco le note del PTR:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    New Hybrid Map: Blizzard World

    • An amusement park celebrating the universes of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo, Blizzard World is a brand-new hybrid Assault/Escort map. Charge the gates of Stormwind, sneak through the Nexus Experience, and guide the payload through areas filled with high ground, flanking routes, and environmental hazards. Grab some Blizzard-inspired snacks at the concession stand along the way!



    • An option to “Remove All A.I.” in the custom game lobby can be accessed by Right Click > Remove All Bots



    • Fixed an issue that caused the arcade card for Limited Duel and Mystery Duel to not list all currently disabled characters
    • Fixed an issue that prevented certain sound effects from playing when navigating the Options menu with a controller


    • Fixed a visual bug that caused Ana’s Biotic Rifle ammo clip to detach when her Captain Amari skin was equipped
    • Fixed a bug that caused Doomfist’s Seismic Slam to create performance drops when repeatedly used with no cooldown
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Mei’s Cryo-freeze from clearing the healing debuff caused by Ana’s Biotic Grenade
    • Fixed a visual bug with Moira’s Biotic Orb that sometimes caused Biotic Grasp’s healing spray effects to display instead
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Moira from being able to pass through enemies when using Fade
    • Fixed a bug that caused Moira’s eyelashes to detach from her face during her Heroic highlight intro
    • Fixed a visual issue with Moira’s Oasis skin that caused her knees to clip through her knee guards while crouched
    • Fixed a bug that caused Reaper’s shotguns to animate incorrectly when discarded on the ground
    • Fixed an issue that prevented highlights captured by Zenyatta players from recording correctly when the Cultist skin was equipped


    • Fixed a bug that caused a performance drop when players shot at the gold coin piles in the last Defender spawn of Junkertown
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  • rapace 21 novembre 2017, 12:30 rapace
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    "Io sarò il saggio Capo e tu l'impavido Tirapiedi!! Hahahahahah!!!"
    Claptrap. Borderlands 2
    ma non avevono detto che la rilasciavano nel 2018? che fanno quasi un mese e mezzo di PTR? 1
  • Dokrobei 21 novembre 2017, 14:43 Dokrobei
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    Come tempistiche è lo stesso percorso che ha avuto Oasi 0
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