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    Attualmente sono stati implementati, all'interno del PTR, i seguenti cambiamenti, bug fix e la modifica al nuovo modello dedicato ad Hanzo precedentemente annunciato.

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    Hello Agents,

    We're currently testing some new changes on the PTR. Please provide any constructive feedback you may have here

    Thank you. 



    • Weapon accuracy is no longer increased or decreased when shooting at Genji’s Deflect or abilities that block projectiles (e.g. Winston’s Barrier Projector or Mei’s Ice Wall)
    • The Casual Hanzo skin has been updated to more accurately reflect his appearance in the Reflections comic



    • Fixed a bug that caused weapon accuracy statistics to incorrectly calculate and display as a negative percentage in-game (e.g. players’ career profiles, the match status screen, and the end of match summary)


    • Fixed an issue with spawn room doors preventing players from leaving or entering the spawn area on Control maps
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