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    È stata rilasciata una piccola patch che risolve alcuni problemi generali, oltre ad alcuni bug che riguardavano Symmetra e Sombra. Qui sotto nel bluepost i dettagli:

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    A new patch is now live on Windows PC. Read below to learn more about the latest changes.

    To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum.
    For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum.
    For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum.

    Please note that these changes will be rolled into a larger patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date.



    • Mouse 4 no longer controls backwards menu navigation, preventing conflicts with other functions that might be bound to that button
    • Fixed a bug preventing audio from mixing correctly on the main menu screen

    Competitive Play

    •  Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed Symmetra to place Teleporters and Shield Generators inside her team’s spawn room in a competitive match


    • Fixed a bug that allowed Sombra to permanently hack a health pack
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  • Elmarco 21 dicembre 2016, 19:41 Elmarco
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    Sob,speravo in un miglioramento del teleport di sombra,ahimè,mi sa che quello (e il blink di tracer) siano più a fondo,nelle meccaniche di lag 0
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