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    Ciao a tutti, io sono in procinto di comprare overwatch e vorrei acquistare il recruit kit e vorrei sapere se al suo interno il gioco è in versione origin o quella classica, grazie della risposta e di nuovo ciao ; ) 0
  • exca 01 novembre 2016, 02:20 exca
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    Hearest thou my voice, still?
    The Overwatch Beta just closed its door and the game is nearly ready for its commercial release. To celebrate the landmark launch of the latest Blizzard franchise, they have sent their gratitude to the numerous influential members of the Overwatch community with a “Recruit Kit” which contains a few exclusive goodies.

    YouTubers, streamers, fan sites, many are those who received earlier this week and today with great joy that box which contains:

    An excellently made notebook with Heroes and the games universe
    A vinyl entitled “Synaesthesia Auditiva” which is reminiscent of Lucio
    Two boards of stickers with Tracer, Soldier:76, Winston, McCree, D.Va, Chopper and the games logo
    A Collector Coin “Omnic Crisis – In memory”
    A metal pin

    Il gioco non e' compreso.