• Una delle sorprese dell'ultimo PTR (potete leggere le patch note qui) è stato il rework di Malthael, che altera sensibilmente il suo stile di gioco.

    Il Senior Game Designer Matt Villers è intervenuto sul forum ufficiale per spiegare ciò che ha portato a queste modifiche: tutto è nato da un errore di valutazione che li ha portati a pensare che Estrema Unzione sarebbe stata l'Abilità Eroica più utilizzata, spingendoli a potenziare Anime Tormentate aggiungendo Armatura.

    In live però i giocatori si sono accorti in fretta della sinergia tra Anime Tormentate e i talenti che potenziano Marchio del Mietitore, risultando in una situazione in cui conveniva ignorare tutti gli altri talenti e riducendo così la varietà delle build.

    Secondo il team di sviluppo adesso dovrebbe essere più facile scegliere altri talenti e continueranno a monitorare la situazione per vedere se sono necessari nerf o buff.

    MattVi ha scritto

    When Malthael was in development, we thought Last Rites would be the go-to Heroic and were concerned that Tormented Souls would be a very hard sell. We even went as far as adding armor to TS, and making LR's conditions fairly restrictive. When we released Malthael, the community reaction was pretty much the same. Nobody imagined that TS would become the overwhelming favorite of the two Heroic options.

    Fast forward to a few weeks post-release, and the realization of how mistaken we all were. Against all expectations, Tormented Souls + Trait talents was the way to go. We ultimately identified two big reasons why this happened-

    • Trait talents had too much synergy with Tormented Souls. A lesson we learned from Malthael is that we need to be careful when making talents that synergize with just one of a hero's Heroic abilities.
    • Mark spreading talents were not strong enough, or came online too late in the game to matter. We deliberately gave Malthael alternative ways to spread his Mark that he could pick when going Last Rites, but those talents fell short which directly affected the viability of the Heroic.

    The result is that Malthael had only one viable Heroic and little variance in his talent builds, and worse yet it wasn't something we could fix with just number tweaks. We realized that bigger changes were required to get him to a place where both Heroics (and multiple talent paths) were viable, which we've been gradually working on and testing over the last several months.

    Our intent is not to kill Tormented Souls or his Trait build, and depending on how these changes play out he may need additional tuning to bring those talents back into line. The point is that we actually have the ability to balance his various options with number changes now that the underlying design issues have been addressed.

    01/29/2018 02:56 PMPosted by OrangeJuice

    Let's assume both Old Malthael and New Malthael were perfectly balanced/tuned.I would say New Malthael would be better if tuned properly, simply because he has more freedom with his marks now. This makes his gameplay more engaging and less reliant on gigantic CDs.

    This is the idea. These changes are significant and we don't expect to have gotten his numbers exactly right on the first try. We'll be keeping an eye on how he performs going forward and making adjustments if we see a need for them.

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