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    Stanotte è stato pubblicato un aggiornamento di bilanciamento al PTR, non si tratta di nuovi contenuti ma modifiche e correzioni dovute al feedback degli utenti.

    In breve:
    • Modifiche al danno di alcuni mercenari e boss;
    • Nerf a Falstad e Zagara;
    • Qualche modifica per Valla, Azmodan e Morales.

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Balance Update — September 1, 2016


    We’ve just released a new patch for the Public Test Realm in order to apply a few balance changes and bug fixes, in addition to the changes found in our most recent PTR patch. Check out the detailed list of changes below!


    Towers of Doom

    • Headless Horseman
      • Attack damage increased from 145 to 158

    Battlefield of Eternity and Infernal Shrines

    • Mercenaries
      • Khazra Impalers
        • Captured Impaler attack damage increased from 40 to 46






    • Hammerang (Q)
      • Damage reduced from 132 to 121


    • Level 4
      • Updraft (E)
        • Now also increases Shield duration by 40% (1.2 seconds)
    • Level 7
      • BOOMerang (Q)
        • Detonation damage reduced from 175 to 165
      • Charged Up (W)
        • Range bonus increased from 15 to 25%
    • Level 16
      • Aerie Gusts (Trait)
        • Cooldown reduction for Tailwind activation decreased from 4 to 3 seconds





    • Basic Attack damage increased from 60 to 75


    • Hatred (Trait)
      • Stack duration increased from 4 to 6 seconds 





    • Level 1
      • Taste for Blood (Q)
        • Duration in which enemy deaths will permanently add to Globe of Annihilation damage increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds


    Sgt. Hammer



    • Level 7
      • Slowing Mines (Q)
        • ​Removed
    • Level 16
      • Mine Field (Q)
        • Moved to Level 7





    • Attack Damage reduced from 86 to 82


    • Baneling Barrage (Q)
      • Damage reduced from 91 to 86
    • Hunter Killer (W)
      • Damage reduced from 68 to 62
    • Infested Drop (E)
      • Damage reduced from 155 to 147


    • Level 16
      • Mutalisk (W)
        • Duration reduced from 60 to 45 seconds


    Lt. Morales



    • Displacement Grenade (E)
      • Detonation delay reduced from 0.30 to 0.0625 seconds

    Bug Fixes

    Heroes, Abilities, and Talents

    • Fixed an issue that could cause Tyrael, Uther, and Gall players to incorrectly receive AFK Warnings due to the combination of their post-death effects and lengthy death timers at later levels.
    • Rexxar: Misha can now push Minions and allied Mercenaries, but will not push enemy or uncaptured Mercenaries.
    • Sgt. Hammer: Basic Attack range indicators should now appear consistent while Sgt. Hammer is in both Tank and Siege Modes.
    • Zagara: After learning Medusa Blades, Zagara will now deal the correct amount of damage to her secondary Basic Attack targets.

    User Interface

    • Commendations: Fixed an issue in which Commendations could incorrectly credit players with unrealistic stats, such as 100% of the team’s damage soaked or Healing done.
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