• Il 21-22 Gennaio sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

    • Tychus non userà più alcun attacco base mentre usa la sua abilità Overkill.
    • Nella mappa Miniere infestate, i Golem d'Ossa non devieranno più occasionalmente dal loro percorso.
    • Risolto un bug di Abathur in cui i giocatori perdevano permanentemente controllo dell'eroe se veniva ucciso al termine della sua Evoluzione Definitiva.

    Spyrian ha scritto

    Hello!We just released a quick update in order to hotfix a few bugs that sprang up following our Closed Beta patch on January 13. This hotfix has already been released for the Americas region, and will be deployed to all remaining regions over the next hour or two. We should not need any downtime in order to do this, but we’ll let you know if anything changes.Here are the issues we resolved with today’s hotfix:

    • Tychus will no longer perform any Basic Attacks while using his Overkill ability.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Grave Golems to deviate from their intended attack paths.
    • Players will no longer permanently lose control of Abathur if he is killed immediately after the Ultimate Evolution Heroic Ability expires.

    As always, if you encounter any bugs while playing Heroes of the Storm, kindly stop by our official Bug Report forum to share your experiences with us.Thank you!

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    finalmente! faceva troppo danno anche in early 0
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    Ottimo fix :D 0
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