• Dopo la rivelazione ufficiale di Valeera molti utenti hanno lamentato la scarsa attenzione dedicata agli altri universi e ruoli per dedicarsi ad una categoria che aveva già la maggioranza assoluta prima degli ultimi rilasci.

    Centaurik è intervenuto sul forum ufficiale chiarendo che anche gli sviluppatori pensano che non sia stato un bene, ma a causa dei tempi stretti che lo sviluppo di nuovi eroi impone (nell'ultimo anno sono usciti in media un nuovo eroe ogni 3/4 settimane) non è stato possibile far slittare questi eroi in favore di altri.

    In ogni caso la diversità delle meccaniche è stata assicurata, e gli sviluppatori non vedono l'ora di mostrarci i prossimi progetti che stanno sviluppando. Il prossimo eroe potrebbe essere un Supporto!

    Centaurik ha scritto

    We’ve seen a lot of discussions about our recent hero releases in the community lately, and we agree that we definitely overdid it a little bit with the Warcraft assassins over the past few months. I wanted to step into this thread to say thank you for sharing your feedback on this with us, and to hopefully give you a little more context into how we wound up with what’s happened.

    Something that’s important to consider is that our development process for each hero starts nine months to a full year ahead of their planned release dates. After a certain point in the pipeline it becomes very difficult to shuffle heroes around without slipping on our goal of putting a new hero into your hands every three to four weeks. By the time we took a step back and said “You know, we sure have released a lot of assassins lately…” we were well past the point where we could change things up. :-(

    First up was Samuro, whom this team has been wanting to do for over 2 years, and we were finally in a place we could ship him. Awesome! Next up we had Varian. He was what we had labeled a “Gladiator” archetype, which would later be renamed to Multi-Class (as we felt it was more true to what it meant).

    Next up was Ragnaros. Originally, we had pitched him as a Core-Replacement Hero, who would influence the battlefield from afar. Something we had penciled in as a Specialist. About 2 months into development, however, we moved away from that design to the Ragnaros you know today. We considered leaving him a Specialist, but thought his role as a Bruiser would be more accurately reflected as Assassin, a la Thrall.

    A while after we were into Rag and Varian design, we realized that Zul’jin would make an excellent addition, as we hadn’t added a Sustained Ranged Attacker to the game in quite some time. However, we realized we now had 4 Warcraft Heroes in a row. We decided to stick with it, due to what kind of flexibility we had (or really, didn’t have) in maneuvering the schedule. 

    About 3 months after we had started work on the next set of Heroes to follow Zul’jin, we had to shuffle up Valeera to follow Zul’jin first, due the needs of the team as a whole. At the time, we didn’t pause to consider the ramifications of what it would mean as a player experience, in terms of getting a diverse roster of Heroes in regards to our Archetype definitions and our Universes. 

    At the time, we were looking at the Heroes, and from a very Game Designer view, we saw this:

    • Stealthed 3-Card-Monté assassin
    • Multi-Class Hero: Warrior, Bruiser, Dive Assassin
    • Bruiser with Heavy Map Implications
    • Sustained Ranged Attacker
    • Enemy Carry Disabler

    Now, while to us that’s 5 very different experiences (and in fact a new role in the form of a Hero that focuses on Disabling a team’s primary damage), in the current Heroes Archetype listing, that’s 5 Heroes that can be called “Assassin”. 

    We realize that unleashing so many Warcraft assassins back to back wasn’t the best decision in terms of hero diversity, and isn’t quite as exciting for those of you who don’t necessarily enjoy assassins as much as the other roles. 

    However, once you’ve had the chance to try out Valeera, we’re confident you’ll find her playstyle is pretty different from our other assassins. Internally, we’ve had a blast striking from the shadows and figuring out all of the various ways to use her combo mechanics effectively, and we hope that you’ll find her just as fun to play as we do. 

    We know there are also some of you who have concerns about another stealth hero joining the Nexus so soon after Samuro’s release. Valeera has undergone many rounds of playtesting and iteration, and one of our primary focuses was on not only how much fun it is to play as her, but how it feels to play against her as well. We think we’ve reached a nice middle ground, and we’d love to hear your thoughts after you’ve played a few games with and against the rogue.

    Now that Valeera is out in the wild, we think you’re going to be pretty happy with the rest of the heroes we have planned for 2017. The feedback you, the community, has provided us has greatly influenced our planning. You can definitely expect more diversity in terms of both role and universe compared to 2016. I would hope that in January of 2018, we’ll be able to look back and see a much wider offering of Heroes (including, yes, Supports!). 

    We can’t wait to show you what we have in store! Thank you so much for continuing to provide feedback! We’ll see you in the Nexus!

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  • Vlad78 18 gennaio 2017, 13:09 Vlad78
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    Chi gioca face hunter non mi addi, lo denuncio! :P
    "Tutti a cazzo durissimo qui,grandi!" cit. Peppu90 <3
    Ohhhh,cosi sono tutti più contenti e trovano qualcos'altro su cui lamentarsi :P 3
  • Grevier 18 gennaio 2017, 13:48 Grevier
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    Bloodborne Platinum
    Sarebbe bello fosse di Overwatch, tanto per arrotondare quel mondo.
    Mercy dubito fortemente perchè Auryel già fa utilizzo di Resurrezione...
    Come concept trasferibile Ana dovrebbe essere azzeccata.
  • RemovedQuasar 18 gennaio 2017, 13:57 RemovedQuasar
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    DILLO! DI Warcraft IV!

  • TheDarkLord 18 gennaio 2017, 14:19 TheDarkLord
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    "There's always a little light...into the darkness".
    "Il prossimo eroe potrebbe essere un Supporto!"
    E fu così che uscì un altro assassino di warcraft... rofl rofl rofl rofl
  • Cippacometa 18 gennaio 2017, 14:55 Cippacometa
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    voglio LEEEEROOOYYYYY! 5
  • Exhumed 18 gennaio 2017, 15:59 Exhumed
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    Hell On Earth
    TheDarkLord ha scritto:"Il prossimo eroe potrebbe essere un Supporto!"
    E fu così che uscì un altro assassino di warcraft... rofl rofl rofl rofl


    Esatto! :D :D
    Infatti la parola chiave è "Potrebbe"
  • tsetasumo 18 gennaio 2017, 16:03 tsetasumo
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    Iscritto il: 20 ottobre 2010, 23:53
    Vedrete che il prossimo sarà sombra,così potremmo lamentarci del fatto che escono tutti stealth o semi. 1
  • Iazz 18 gennaio 2017, 17:49 Iazz
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    "Tust me, I'm an engineer!!!"
    Cippacometa ha scritto:voglio LEEEEROOOYYYYY!

    @Cippacometa, esatto. QUESTO è il vero nocciolo della questione. <3
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