Undocumented patch notes
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    Sono inciampato in questo post.....alcune cose sono verissime mentre altre no....

    Since there seem to be some changes that weren't documented i thought maybe we could gather them in this thread, rather than having to submit a new post for every single one.

    So far we have:


    Regeneration globes (green orbs) now grant mana visually (they did before but it wasn't telegraphed)

    In Co-op games your team can now start on the right side, instead of always left side

    Sky Temple: Mechanics now show up on the stats screen at the end of the game

    Thrall: (tested)

    Frostwolf : (49 +36 per lvl) => (60 +23 per lvl)

    reduced chain lightning dmg (-2 per lvl)

    Azmodan+ Malfurion:

    got Bolt at lvl 20


    Talent: Gathering Radiance (lvl16) only increases dmg now (used to be heal+dmg)
    Talent: Hardened Focus (lvl16) no longer applies to Uthers' ghost form


    lost Bolt is in patch notes


    doesn't have Nexus Frenzy (contrary to patch notes)


    did not receive Hardened Shield (lvl20)


    Ferocious Healing no longer usable while WW is active


    Zagara's mutalisk, in addition to getting some animation updates, now stays around for its full duration, even if its target dies.


    Diablo's Lightning Breath now fires in the direction he is facing, not the direction of the cursor


    Tychus can now use First Aid, Stone Skin, and Bolt in Odin Form

    Please post any other undocumented changes you came across, preferably tested out ingame.

    Will try to come back later to edit additional info into the main post.

    EDIT: For clarification, I'm mostly just copy+pasting the info below up here, so take it in with caution( or even better test it and report back :P).

    edit 2: Have to go, gotta get up early tomorrow. Will add any additional changes tomorrow again. Thanks to everyone.