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    Nelle patch note della versione 9.0 di Hearthstone c'era un punto che ha attirato l'attenzione degli appassionati di Arena.

    Cambio nella scelta di carte dell'Arena: i primi due set di carte nella fase di scelta ora ha più probabilità di contenere carte sinergiche.

    Il sito web HearthArena ha poco dopo pubblicato una lista di queste carte sinergiche. Esse hanno una possibilità maggiorata di apparire nelle prime due scelte del Draft.

    Mike Donais ha dichiarato su reddit che si tratta di un nuovo esperimento per mantenere la modalità fresca. Con l'uscita dell'espansione aspetteranno i nostri feedback in merito.

    mdonais ha scritto

    In general we like to try different ideas in arena and see what the players enjoy.

    People often request change of some kind to keep it fresh.

    After playing it for a while feel free to give feedback. Keep in mind that this list doesn't include any Frozen Throne cards so it will be slightly different in 2 days.

    Don't worry too much about decks being more or less powerful since everyone is using the same rules. Certainly people can get unlucky picks sometimes, but that is true for every arena pick.

    A lot of negativity here but I'm excited to give it a try. This seems like a good way to push deck building skill and reduce the tendency to always go for the best stated minion.

    I'm wondering if there is a risk that this increases variance by allowing some players to pull together very synergistic decks and role over players that were not as lucky. Was anything like that seen in testing?

    Synergy decks already happen before this change. I suspect they will happen a bit more after. The main goal is to have you evaluate your picks a bit differently because you have cards in your first 2 picks that slightly change your priorities.

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