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    Le percentuali di rinvenimento delle diverse carte in Arena sono un argomento che qualsiasi giocatore è obbligato a conoscere se vuole eccellere in questa modalità.

    Purtroppo sia in gioco che su fonti ufficiali è impossibile trovare dei numeri precisi e quindi ci si rivolge a siti terzi, che spesso forniscono una buona approssimazione.

    Dean Ayala, lo sviluppatore in carica delle modifiche dell'Arena ha rivelato su reddit che le percentuali di rinvenimento delle carte della nuova espansione sono state modificate con la patch 8.2: si è passati da un 2x ad un 1.5x nella possibilità di apparire nel Draft.

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    This does happen to some extent, and has traditionally happened in most sets in the history of Hearthstone. When Un'Goro released, that set was twice as likely as any other individual set to appear. When 8.2 released, we reduced the rate at which Un'Goro appeared to 1.5X as likely. The idea is that when the a set releases, arena should feel fairly new and different with the injection of new cards at a greatly increased rate. As time goes by and people get used to the arena meta, we reduce that rate.

    In seguito alle critiche sulla mancata comunicazione Ayala ha scritto questo altro commento:

    IskarHS ha scritto

    There are a lot of small tweaks going on in the background with the hope we can gather enough data to be confident enough to make a larger scale change.

    When we do announce arena changes it's generally when we want to set the expectation that arena is going to feel different next time you enter. In order to execute on a long-term solution for arena balance, we've been making very small changes that have an extremely low chance to be noticeable from a single player's perspective, but gather enough data for us to see the overall effect on a classes win rate if you make X card (or cards) show up X% less or X% more. We are talking 1-5% in most cases.

    Truthfully, the 2X to 1.5X Un'Goro rates were something we should have put in patch notes. I elected to hold back on the micro-changes we were making to gather data in order to not set expectations that things would feel different, but also grouped the set bonus changes into that decision. If and when we make changes to how much the most recent set shows up we'll make sure that is communicated going forward.

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