• I Varchi della Sfida sono una delle feature di Diablo III in arrivo con la prossima patch 2.6. Annunciati alla BlizzCon 2016, i Varchi della Sfida sono una serie di Varchi predeterminati affrontabili con una build fissa, e sia il Varco che l'equipaggiamento sono derivati da un giocatore.

    L'obiettivo è di battere il tempo di completamento del giocatore da cui deriva il Varco. Se avrete successo, otterrete un forziere con diversi premi.

    Nevalistis ha scritto

    The breadth of build variety in Diablo III is vast, and it can take a lot of time to try them all. Challenge Rifts are a weekly opportunity to try a totally new build, receive a reward for your efforts, and compete with other players on a level playing field!

    What Are Challenge Rifts?

    Challenge Rifts are a weekly static version of a previously completed Greater Rift. To create a Challenge Rift, we pull a Greater Rift run directly from a player’s account. Once we have that snapshot, we make that exact character, including their items, paragon levels, skills, and gear available for everyone to play.

    This also includes an exact copy of the Greater Rift they completed with that character. Enemies, pylons, and the dungeons you encounter will all be exactly as they appeared when the original player completed their run. If you beat the original runner’s time, you’ll be rewarded with a weekly satchel filled with bounty and crafting materials and some Blood Shards.

    Challenge Rifts will rotate every Monday, so each week you’ll have something totally new to try.

    What’s the “Challenge” in Challenge Rift?

    Diablo III is a game that embraces randomization. Environments, monsters, monster affixes, loot . . . these all have an element of randomness at their core. Challenge Rifts offer a break from that mold, putting every player on equal ground. With the same tools—and, with some builds, the same handicaps—it’s a different kind of contest.

    To truly conquer Challenge Rifts and prove you’re the best of the best, you’ll need to be on top of your game by exhibiting your skills, game mastery, and class knowledge. While there is certainly strategy to pushing as far as you can in Greater Rifts, the strategy to becoming a champion of Challenge Rifts focuses on execution. Spending time to get to know the map, spawn locations of enemies, and pylon locations may completely change your approach to improving your time. A floor might be sparse on Elite packs and you find you need to focus on eliminating certain non-elite enemies to push your progress bar—or perhaps an Elite pack is worth skipping because it’s too far out of the way.

    It might even be worth putting together a little plan!

    Builds are selected from live players, so you might get something totally different than the builds you’re used to seeing on fansites or your favorite streamer’s channel. A build from the start of a Season might be a mix of the first Legendaries someone happened to find, and you may need to capitalize on the effects of items or abilities you’re not used to using. Regardless of how the build came together, it’s the same set of tools every player in the Challenge Rift will be using—this puts every player on a level playing field, so you’ll play alongside the best in the world no matter your experience!

    The choice is yours in how you approach, and when you’re pushing the limit amongst friends and other community members, there’s nothing more satisfying than eking out your buddy’s best score by a handful of seconds. 

    Playing Your Way

    Challenge Rifts were a long-incubated project from Senior Game Designer Adam Puhl, and it’s clear he’s passionate about it! Adam’s eyes light up when he thinks about the next challenge around the corner and how he’s going to dissect and conquer it. “It’s an adrenaline rush,” he says, and his excitement is contagious. “When you’re racing that clock, it can be some intense, heart-pumping action.”

    Adam hopes that Challenge Rifts accomplish a few feats. For one, they offer a level playing field for players to compete on. Secondly, it’s a different experience than the usual Diablo gameplay, and it’s nice to take a break to focus on your skill mastery, refining the details, and strategizing the best way to conquer a specific map. “I’m really hoping it’s an opportunity for players to hone their skills, sharpen their reactions, or polish their resource management,” he shares. “It’s also a great opportunity to highlight build diversity. Not every skill will be in a top build, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of fun ways to play Diablo.”

    On a personal note, the moment I saw Challenge Rifts, I knew I was going to fall in love with them. To me, Challenge Rifts are the game design answer to what I wanted to explore with the original Play Your Way series. Build diversity doesn’t have to mean min/maxing. One of my favorite memories from a past season was watching a friend of mine giggle maniacally as he decimated enemies with the chain spawned by his Maximus. He decided that’s what he was going to build around, and it was silly, fun, and still a great memory I hold dear.

    We come together in Sanctuary to slay monsters and collect loot. While Challenge Rifts are more focused on the former, it’s a great way to explore so much more of what the game offers when we take off our optimization blinders.

    Ready for a Challenge?

    What do you think of Challenge Rifts? Are you looking forward to climbing the leaderboards? What’s your strategy for tackling them? Have you tried them on the Necromancer Beta and knocked a pro off their pedestal? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned; we’ve got more Patch 2.6.0 information on the way!

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  • Grevier 17 giugno 2017, 11:32 Grevier
    Messaggi: 6814

    Sinceramente non mi piace.
    Stesso equip e build di uno sconosciuto a caso? Magari anche classe a caso.
    Di tante idee questa mi sembra la peggiore.
  • CashCommunity Manager 17 giugno 2017, 11:54 Cash
    BattleTag: CASH#2628
    Messaggi: 2890

    Le previsioni per oggi dicono: tempeste di bombe, con nubi sparse a forma di fungo
    @Grevier Da quello che ho provato invece è molto interessante e offre un buon grado di sfida e bisogna cimentarsi per capire bene quella determinata build per superare il varco e non è una cosa scontata come potrebbe sembrare. 1
  • BlackOzzy 17 giugno 2017, 12:55 BlackOzzy
    BattleTag: BlackOzzy#2552
    Messaggi: 63

    Storicamente Blizzard ha fatto di tutto per non farmi scollare dalla sedia....e credo stia peggiorando negli anni con questo intento!
    Semplicemente la "Rissa" arriva anche su Diablo, come per tutto , arriva con tremendo ritardo. In attesa del prossimo gioco, forse solo D2 Remastered può tappare il buco. 0
  • FuryDragon90 17 giugno 2017, 13:27 FuryDragon90
    Messaggi: 1454

    Siamo chi scegliamo di essere cit.Jim Raynor
    Cash ha scritto:Grevier Da quello che ho provato invece è molto interessante e offre un buon grado di sfida e bisogna cimentarsi per capire bene quella determinata build per superare il varco e non è una cosa scontata come potrebbe sembrare.

    @Cash Concordo.
  • ciccio44 18 giugno 2017, 23:23 ciccio44
    BattleTag: Attil#2201
    Messaggi: 2812

    “Che può esserci al di sopra di uno che è al di sopra della fortuna?”
    Qualcuno ha mica capito se ogni settimana ci sarà una build per ogni classe e pure per gruppi da 2-3-4? o solo una? rofl

    Sembra interessante anche se il reward non molto, potrebbero cambiare il tutto dovesse prender piede.
  • marco81 20 giugno 2017, 15:25 marco81
    BattleTag: Elusion#2300
    Messaggi: 213

    Diablo 3 : trial record 74 rank Keys , prima dell'uscita della patch 2.3.
    Data Uscita Necro

    https://eu.battle.net/d3/it/blog/208451 ... 20-06-2017
  • Yardeh 20 giugno 2017, 15:37 Yardeh
    Messaggi: 9338

    Iscritto il: 21 aprile 2010, 19:16
    WOW. Posso dirlo? Sono piacevolmente sorpreso. Sia per il prezzo e sia per la data. Pensavo fosse entro il 20 Luglio in contemporanea con la stagione nuova, evidentemente vogliono lasciar modo di provarlo nella storia (che si fa in un giorno xd).
    Ed il prezzo... conoscendo i canoni Blizzard... non si poteva chiedere di meglio, prezzo fin troppo onesto. Well done.
  • volrath 22 giugno 2017, 21:21 volrath
    Messaggi: 30

    Iscritto il: 04 ottobre 2016, 13:50
    quindi uscirà martedì notte dopo la manutenzione? In pratica mercoledì XD 0
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