• Sembra proprio che le Rovine di Sescheron, la distrutta capitale dei Barbari, non saranno implementate con la patch 2.2.0. Il nuovo livello, esclusivo della Modalità Avventura, sarà comunque implementato in un futuro aggiornamento, speriamo non molto lontano.

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    The Ruins of Sescheron will indeed be coming to Adventure Mode in a later patch, as I mentioned in the comments for our First Look: Patch 2.2.0 post. We're continuing to flesh out the environments we showed at BlizzCon for the area, and we can't wait to dig deeper into the "twisted nature" vibe the dev team mentioned. On a related note, did you know there's a term for "fear of objects with irregular patterns of holes?" (Trigger warning for trypophobics!) The Rat King abides!While we're on the subject, is there anything in particular that you guys are looking forward to about Sescheron? Is it the new environments, new enemies, or the chance to learn more about a location we only got a glimpse of in Diablo II?

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    Dammmn, perchèèèè! Io ci speravo ardentemente :( 2
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    Uff. :( Speriamo non ci abbiano ripensato. 0
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