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    Il Game Desiner Don Vu è intervenuto sul forum di Diablo III rassicurando i giocatori che IKBB (Immortal King's Boulder Breaker) non sarà rimosso dal set, poiché è ancora molto utilizzato in numerose composizioni.

    Tuttavia il team è al lavoro per aumentare i valori su molti altri set di tutte le classi per la prossima patch in PTR. Attualmente ci sono ancora numerosi test da effettuare affinché tutto funzioni. La prossima patch del PTR sarà rilasciata dopo l'11 Settembre, probabilmente nelle giornate di martedì o mercoledì.

    Don Vu ha scritto

    Hey guys!

    All of this discussion has been awesome! I wanted to chime in to let you know we will not be removing IKBB from the set because we think it would disrupt current builds too much. However, we will be looking to increase numbers on many sets across all of the classes for the next PTR patch. We are running a lot of tests to ensure we get everything correct, so they are still TBD, but they are in the ballpark of what Prokahn suggested.

    Speaking of the next PTR patch, we will not be patching PTR next week. We are currently planning on releasing the next PTR patch the week of 9/11, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. This timeframe is of course subject to change.

    The feedback, discussion, and data has been extremely helpful this PTR cycle. We appreciate all the testing and encourage you all to continue doing so. The best thing you can do for us in the meantime is to keep on pushing Greater Rifts with all sorts of builds on the PTR. Thanks again!

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