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    Come ogni anno alla BlizzCon si tengono i concorsi che premiano la creatività dei fan, ecco i vincitori per le gare di Costumi, Talent, Fan Art e Videomaking.

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    Year after year, the BlizzCon Talent and Costume contests showcase just how talented the Blizzard community is. Hosted by Thomas Middleditch on the BlizzCon Main Stage and broadcast live to viewers worldwide, this year’s contestants were a shining example of passion and creativity at the highest level

    Please join us in congratulating the winners of this year’s contests, as well as the winners of our online Fan Art and Movie contests. Their incredible artistry and dedication have helped to make BlizzCon 2016 one of the best years yet!


    First Place - Steven Scott as 'Grommash'

    First Place Steven Scott as "Grommash"

    Second Place - Oshley O'Neil as 'Varian'

    Second Place Oshley O'Neil as "Varian"

    Third Place - Cynthia Hall as 'Elune'

    Third Place Cynthia Hall as "Elune"

    Fourth Place - Alicia Bellemy as 'Arthas'

    Fourth Place Alicia Bellemy as "Arthas"


    First Place - Stephanie Jones

    First Place Stephanie Jones

    Second Place - Lick the Blade

    Second Place Lick the Blade

    Third Place - Have No Fear

    Third Place Have No Fear

    Fourth Place - GaleSong

    Fourth Place GaleSong

    Fan Art

    First Place - Death Blossom by Bo Chen

    First Place Death Blossom by Bo Chen

    Second Place - Forsaken Return by WangLei

    Second Place 被遗忘者的归来 (Forsaken Return) by WangLei

    Third Place - Diablo by Leizhen Bi

    Third Place Diablo by Leizhen Bi


    First Place The Upgraded Vikings

    Second Place The Conflict of Warchieves

    Third Place Final Boss
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  • Yardeh 07 novembre 2016, 10:46 Yardeh
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    Iscritto il: 21 aprile 2010, 19:16

    Quello di Sylvanedda, top!
  • Magnus 07 novembre 2016, 11:09 Magnus
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    Quanta arte..meravigliosi :good: 0
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