• E infine il giorno è arrivato: dopo anni di dogane, tasse e spese di spedizione folli e pellegrinaggi alla BlizzCon, Blizzard ha aperto la filiale europea del suo leggendario Gear Store!

    L'apertura del magazzino europeo permette l'arrivo di tutti i prodotti del Gear Store in Europa con spedizioni più veloci ed economiche, nessuna tassa d'importazione e meno problemi d'ordinazione. Al momento il portale è disponibile in inglese, tedesco e francese, ma la versione italiana arriverà in futuro. Per chiarimenti, vi rimandiamo alle FAQ che potete trovare sul sito o in fondo a questa notizia.


    Avete già deciso cosa comprare nel nuovo store europeo?

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto


    How is the European Gear Store different?

    With items shipping from our European warehouse, shoppers in the 28 EU member states can now get their hands on their favorite Blizzard collectibles, apparel and more, with lower shipping costs, faster delivery, and no import duties.

    Geek your everyday!

    Do I need a Blizzard account to place an order?

    You can make purchases on the EU Gear Store as a guest, but you can also create an account using your existing Blizzard account.

    How can I create a Blizzard account?

    If you don’t have an existing Blizzard account, head to https://eu.battle.net/login/ and click on “Create a free Blizzard Account”.

    Why should I create an account?

    Logging in with a Blizzard account will let you access your order history, track your orders, save your shipping address, and securely store your billing information to facilitate the checkout process. 

    How secure will my data be if I create an account on the EU Gear Store?

    Any personal data collected and/or processed in connection with your use of the EU Gear Store will be subject to our Privacy Policy.  We maintain physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to ensure the protection of your data.

    I've purchased products on the US Gear Store in the past; will my details transfer over? 

    Your US Gear Store order history unfortunately can’t be transferred to your EU Gear Store account, but it won’t be lost either. Your order history will still be saved on the US Gear Store and will be accessible by logging in to the US version of the site.

    Can I still shop on the US Gear Store?

    All EU customers are still eligible to shop on the US Gear Store, however, orders may be subject to import duties and custom taxes depending on your country of delivery.


    In which languages is the EU Gear Store available?

    The site is currently available in English, French, and German. More languages should be coming in the future!

    How are my default currency and language determined?

    Your current location (IP address) determines if you are shown prices in GBP (£) or Euros (€). The language displayed is based on the language selected in your browser settings.

    How can I change my currency and language preferences?

    You can change your preferences at the bottom of the page.


    Which payment methods are available on the EU Gear Store?

    Common EU payment methods such as PayPal and major credit cards like VISA, Mastercard, and American Express are available on the EU Gear Store.

    Why are the prices on the US Gear Store and the EU Gear Store different?

    Prices available on the EU Gear Store include any applicable VAT and are set according to region standards. 

    How can I estimate my clothing size?

    A sizing guide is available for apparel items in order to help you choose the best size.

    Each product is unique, and we always recommend that you check our size charts before adding items to your cart. You may want to take the measurements of a similar apparel item (the width of the item just below the arms and the length from shoulder point to hip) and compare them to our size chart.

    Where will my order be shipped from?

    Blizzard European Gear Store products are shipped from our facility in The Netherlands, which has a separate inventory from the US Gear Store.

    What if a product I want is available on the US Gear Store but not the EU Gear Store?

    Due to separate inventories, some products may be available on one site and not the other. If an item you’re interested in is not available on the EU Gear Store, you may purchase it directly on the US Gear Store (import duties, customs, and taxes may apply).

    Can I leave reviews on EU Gear Store products?

    Only visitors with a Blizzard account can leave product reviews, and only on products you have purchased. To do so, head to the product you wish to review and submit your comments. Be sure to see our Customer Review FAQ for information on how we moderate reviews.


    What shipping methods are available on the EU Gear Store?

    The European Gear Store offers two different shipping methods, either Postal Priority (no tracking number) or Courier (with tracking).

    How much does shipping cost?

    The rate may vary depending on the weight of your package, your shipping destination, and the shipping option you choose for your order. The precise rate will be calculated automatically and displayed during the checkout process.

    Which countries do you ship to?

    Shipping Destination

    US Gear Store (gear.blizzard.com/us/)

    EU Gear Store (gear.blizzard.com/eu/ & gear.blizzard.com/uk/)

    United States



    European Union*



    * European Union countries include the 28 EU member states (excluding overseas territories): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden , United Kingdom

    What if my country isn’t listed?

    If your country is not part of the 28 member states of the European Union, you can still order from the US Gear Store. However, your order may be subject to import duties and taxes. 

    Refunds & Returns

    How can I report an issue with my order (defect, exchange, refund request, etc.)? 

    Please check our Terms of Sale and contact our Customer Support team for help.

    Can I cancel or return my order if I change my mind?

    If you are a resident of the European Union, you have the right to withdraw your purchase request within 14 days of receipt of your order without stating any reason. Please refer to the “Right of Withdrawal” section in the Terms of Sale for more information on how to exercise this right.

    How do I cancel an order?

    You can cancel any order you have recently placed, as long as it has not shipped. This option will remain available up to 30 minutes after placing your order. To use it, please log into your account and use the option to cancel your order.
    If you are trying to cancel a pre-purchase order and receive an error, you may need to wait up to one hour after placing the order before you can cancel it. This is a technical limitation caused by the way funds are cleared for pre-orders.


    How does the pre-purchase system work?

    When you pre-purchase an item on the EU Gear Store, the payment is processed immediately, and the item is delivered to you once stock is available (within the timeframe stated in the product description).

    You have the right to cancel your pre-purchase and request a refund before the product is shipped. Once the product has been shipped, if you are a resident of the European Union, you have the right to withdraw your purchase request within 14 days of receipt of your order without stating any reason. Please refer to the “Right of Withdrawal” section in the Terms of Sale for more information on how to exercise this right.

    Can I change my pre-purchase order from the US Store to the EU Store?

    Not directly, but you can cancel the US pre-purchase and place a new one on the EU Gear Store (as long as stock is available). To cancel your original order, log into your account on the US Gear Store and use the option to cancel it. This will only work if the order is still pending and has not shipped yet. Then you can place your EU pre-purchase on the EU Gear Store.

    Note: We recommend making sure you can complete the new pre-purchase order, and that stock is available, before canceling your original order.

    Are promotions available on the US Gear Store also valid on the EU Gear Store?

    Local promotions are subject to specific conditions that may not be mirrored on both sites, therefore we cannot guarantee that the same promotion will be offered in both regions simultaneously. If you wish to benefit from a specific promotion, please place an order on the Gear Store offering that promotion.

    I received a US Gear Store promotional code; can I use it on the EU store?

    Promotional codes only apply in the region where they’re issued. Therefore, a US Gear Store promotional code can’t be redeemed on the EU Gear Store.

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